HQD CUVIE GLAZE 15000 Puffs - 3pc

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Check out this ultimate vaping experience with the HQD Glaze 15000 Puffs, a revolutionary disposable vape device that offers unparalleled convenience and satisfaction. Designed for vapers who demand only the very best, this cutting-edge device boasts an impressive capacity of 15000 puffs, ensuring extended usage without ever having to refill or recharge.

The HQD Disposable Vape features unbelievable activation velocity too! Its has a unique airflow sensor that actually increases the device's activation speed by 40%. Now you can enjoy highly responsive draws that adds even more convenience to your chilled vape sessions. 

Device Features:

  • Max Puffs: 15,000
  • Nicotine Salt: 5%
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 22ml
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Power Range: 7-12W
  • Mesh Coil Technology
  • Resistance: 1.3 ohm
  • Battery Indicator
  • Liquid Indicator
  • Type-C Charging Port

FOR DEALS : https://www.disposabalevape.com 

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